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About us

I am from Osaka living in Kyoto now. I like that Kyoto city center and nature are close to one another, culture and buildings are combined old and new etc. I think Kyoto is interesting city.
I see people wearing kimono so often here. There are many kimonos and obi belts around here, brand and no brand both. My grandmother and aunt were kimono makers, patterned and sawing. And when I and my sister were child, wearing kimono from them at every ceremony.  We still keep the kimono at my parents and they are so beautiful. Obi belt is a really interesting accessory for kimono. Obi makes kimono looking different depends on the colour and design. One day, I went to a guitar maker in Berlin Germany where I lived with my boyfriend for two years, they had some beautiful guitar straps and I was so surprised that how different looking a guitar by straps. (For me, connected between "kimono looking different by obi belt" and "guitar by a strap".…) Now I'm in Kyoto, I thought if I can recycle beautiful Obi belt and make a strap for my boyfriend's guitars? Only one Strap in the world, isn't good idea? That was a start of Singing Crane.

We make one of a kind guitar straps. Only make three straps from a obi belt (kimono sash belt) and they are all different combinations. There is no same design in the world.

  • Obi belt is a sash, part of kimono outfits. They are very conspicuous accessory, it's the colourful belt a Japanese woman wears around waist. Mostly it's even more beautiful than the kimono itself. Obi might cost more than the rest of the entire outfit. We look for these beautiful silk woven vintage obis.
  • Leather is a off cut from the local leather shop in Kyoto and also we recycle them.
  • Buckle is made of brass in Japan. And the distributor is in Osaka.

All put together in Kyoto by hand.