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Customers' photos and Reviews

"I have to call out THE best guitar strap makers on planet earth. Singing Crane straps are works of art. That’s not hyperbole. Every single strap is one of a kind. Recycled from vintage kimonos. How unbelievably cool is that!? Beyond blown away with how this strap completes this guitar."
M.H. from ID, USA

"Love them!"
D.M. from MD, USA

"I am immensely impressed with how beautiful this strap is in person!"
E.R. from IL USA

"it is very lovely and fitted my ukulele perfectly! Thank you very much!"
T.Y. from Canada

J.M. from Switzerland

"They are very beautiful, I'm really happy with them!" - K.P. from USA

"I am so happy that I found you."
B.C. from USA

"I am happy to say I love it!"
O.L. from USA

"I sincerely respect appreciate the history of these materials and their quality. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I love it!"
B.C. from USA

"It’s great and loved the wrapping!"
D.VL. from Belgium

Robinson Sartorius from Germany

"Thank you for the beautiful strap, i love it!"
I.P. from Singapore

"Your strap really is something else, obviously made with great care and love."
B.K. from Slovakia

"They are absolutely gorgeous!"
D.P. from France

R.G. from USA

"Your strap brings out the best in us both."
M.P. from Australia

P.C. from USA

P.C. from USA

"It's so beautiful and unique."
R.G. from USA

"Your straps are perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen, and the workmanship - both primary and secondary - is flawless."
M.M from USA

"I love your strap."
M.P. from Australia

"It's just the best! Thank you for coming up with this design, my guitar feels complete now."
C.G. from USA


"The strap is beautiful and comfortable."
S.L. from Canada


D.P. from USA

"The most beautiful guitar strap in the world!!"
P.S. from Thailand

"The most beautiful guitar straps I may ever own."
D.E. from USA

"The amazing strap, it couldn't be more perfect!"
J.T. from USA