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Singing Crane - Beautiful guitar strap - SC104115 : Shikkoku-original =SALE=

SC104115 : Shikkoku-original =SALE=

$69.00 USD

For this strap, the front and the back designs are the same obi.

Leather colours:
- Guitar front end --> front: dark green, back: black
- Guitar back end --> black
All with black stitches.

As you wear:
The characters “羽衣” (hagoromo) is at the bottom on your front. “羽” (hane) means feather and “衣” (koromo) means robe. The web dictionary defines “羽衣” (hagoromo) as “A robe made of feathers worn by heavenly being to fly".


Explanation of colour

-Shikkoku (漆黒)-
Pure black. It's a black with a deep gloss such as lacquerware that was painted black lacquer.
It is often used as the darkest colour meaning in black colours.



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