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Singing Crane - Beautiful guitar strap - SC105315 : Akatsuru-yellow

SC105315 : Akatsuru-yellow

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For this strap, the back design is from the obi of simple yellow colour. The front design is from the same Obi of "Akatsuru-original" but it's cut different part (design) of the Obi.

Leather colours:
- Guitar front end --> front: dark red, back: cream
- Guitar back end --> cream
All with yellow stitches.

As you wear:
Cranes and wings designs are all over the strap. A gold crane design starts on your front.


Explanation of colour

-Aka (赤)-
It's a generic name of the red colour group and one of the oldest colour name in Japan.
This colour was treated as a special colour that is allowed to wear only noble identity.
Now, Aka is one of the basic colour name for JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). In addition, Aka is now equivalent to the red in English but the Aka and the red are different colour in the JIS.



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