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Singing Crane - Beautiful guitar strap - SC106315 : Unohana-yellow

SC106315 : Unohana-yellow

$106.00 USD

For this strap, the back design is from the obi of simple yellow colour. The front design is from the same Obi of "Unohana-original" but it's cut different part (design) of the Obi.

Leather colours:
- Guitar front end --> front: blue grey, back: black
- Guitar back end --> blue grey
All with white stitches.

As you wear:
Light blue and gold designs at front then green and gold designs over your shoulder, and light blue and gold designs at back.


Explanation of colour

-Unohana-iro (卯の花色)-
It is slightly bluish white. Unohana is a white flower blooming in April.
It was used as a word that epithet to "whiteness" since ancient times from the face that the white flowers as snow.



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