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Singing Crane - Beautiful guitar strap - Konai-rd (SC18231)


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Unique and beautiful guitar strap [Konai-rd] - hand made in Japan from vintage silk kimono, leather and brass

Brand new Singing Crane handmade vintage silk kimono guitar strap

Primary colour: metallic blue,red (front) / red (reverse)
It has red, blue and purple crocodile skin patterned leather panels with blue highlight stitching.

Every Singing Crane strap is one-of-a-kind, one of three variations from the same Obi on the front, and this strap has a red reverse, with hand picked matching leathers and stitching. 

Each has a unique, hand-stamped serial number. All are handmade in Kyoto from recycled vintage silk kimono obis and repurposed leather off-cuts.

These are really original and beautiful straps - super strong, light and durable. Silk is the strongest natural fabric. The kimono obi is the most expensive and gorgeous part of a Japanese woman's kimono outfit - the obi itself can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a new item, but each obi has small variations and irregularities in the fabric from the previous lives as a much sought after fashion item. Please check the strap photos carefully.




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