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Blog — Kyoto

Cherry trees in Kyoto 2018

Cherry blossoms Kyoto

The cherry trees bloomed about one week early in Kyoto this year.

There are many kind of cherry trees and normally they bloom different times during April. Because of suddenly warm weather in Kyoto, almost all kind of trees bloomed at the same time.

In the photo of the river, trees at the both sides by the river bloomed together. Normally they bloom different times. Trees at the left side bloom first and fall, then trees at the right side bloom after. Locals say this is unusual, we didn’t have like this since many years. So we are lucky that we could see these beautiful cherry trees all bloomed together.

Kamo river

West side of Kamo river
Kamo river - west side
   East side of Kamo river
Kamo river - east side


my favourite place to see cherry trees in Kyoto.